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All of these puppies have been spoken for. We breed to better our lines and usually keep a puppy or two out of each litter. Some of our litters produce several show prospects and when we can’t keep them all we will look for proven show homes only. Our other puppies are placed in loving homes on Limited Registration on a spay/neuter contract.

We ask you to please fill out the PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE HERE if you are seriously interested in a puppy from Laurel Crown Cavaliers. We respond to all emails quickly.

Below are pictures of some of our puppies throughout the years. We have had some of all four colors but now we only breed Blenheim’s. We love for our prior customers to send us pictures, letters, and emails of their puppy so we can see how it grew up. Calls are always welcome too.


I know some will think asking so many questions is ridiculous but there is a very good reason for it.

We never want one of our puppies to end up in the wrong hands. We never want them to go to a puppy mill, a pet store or a kennel and be crated the rest of their life.

We are so protective of this breed that we love so much. If you do not have a vet you can send referrals from a business person, teacher, boss, etc. Please do not be offended!
Every ethical breeder should require this.

This breed has been terribly exploited by unscrupulous breeders and we are just trying to put an end to that by being very careful into whose hands we place are precious cargo.

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"Lets not measure a breeder's success by the amount of winnings their dog does in the show ring, but by the number of dogs that stay with the family that purchased them as a puppy and that die in the arms of the same family 14 years later. In that case, we have three winners, the breeder, the family and most importantly, the dog." - unknown

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